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ICC Constitution




I.Basis of Faith


The Ixthus Church Council (“ICC”) is a Body of affiliated churches believing in One God, eternally existent in three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and in the Salvation of sinful Man through the Atoning death and Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ and the regeneration of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer as per the Nicene Creed. Affiliated churches have the Common Purpose of fulfilling the Great Commission to spread the Gospel Message throughout the world and to strive for the unity of the One Church of Jesus Christ in a spirit of love and mutual cooperation.


II. Membership


Churches expressing their agreement on the Basis of Faith upon which ICC is founded shall be eligible for membership and affiliation subject to fulfilling any other criteria which the Council Body may deem necessary as part of the application process.


III. Purposes and functions


•To facilitate a framework in which member churches receive worldwide recognition, support and empowerment through the licencing and the covering of ICC.


•To support a body of affiliated members where mutual recognition and accountability provide safety, empowerment and help to build unity among all churches and believers.


•To facilitate ordinations and consecrations of ministers at local, national and international levels under the auspices of ICC.


•To facilitate and promote the development of stronger relationships with the aim of nurturing growth in unity and mission.


•To support each other through prayer, dialogue and counsel and where possible the sharing of resources with one another.


•To facilitate and host conferences and seminars in which theological dialogue, Bible study workshops and worship promote unity and celebrate our common faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.


•To facilitate the development of leaders through teaching diplomas certified and validated by ICC.


IV. Authority


ICC shall not legislate for member churches or act for them in any manner except as indicated above. It shall not intervene or involve itself in matters internal to churches unless invited to or in the event that such matters contravene the ethos, Rules or Basis of Faith instituted by ICC.


V. Organisation


ICC is comprised of the Council Body through which it will discharge its functions and the Assembly of Members.


The Council Body


The Council Body shall consist of the International President, the Moderator, the General Secretary and the Administrators who will authorise and endorse applications for membership and any other membership matters.


The Council Body:


- will determine and develop strategies to deliver the goals set out in the Purposes and Functions of ICC including policies for programme and finance and to secure financial support for ICC.


- will elect its Moderator, General Secretary and Administrators and any other committees, commissions and consultative bodies it deems necessary to carry out the Purposes and Functions of ICC.


- will elect and authorise Chapter Representatives in their respective jurisdictions accountable to the Council Body under the auspices of the International President.


- will receive bi-annual budget and financial reports from elected Chapter Representatives.


- will plan for the meetings of the Assembly, making provision for the conduct of its business, for worship and study, and for common Christian commitment.


- will delegate such authority necessary to Chapter Representatives and their respective committees to enable them to perform their duties holding them accountable for that delegation with regards to governance, monitoring and fiduciary responsibilities associated with their membership and representation of ICC.


The Assembly


The Assembly shall be composed of official representatives (delegates) of the member churches i.e. Archbishops, Bishops, Reverends, Pastors and other church officials.


The Assembly will meet for bi-annual conferences to strengthen the unity of fellowship among member churches, to share the Vision of the Council and consider any other matters pertinent to the Purposes and Functions of the Council.


VI. Other Ecumenical Christian Organisations


Other bodies and national or international ecumenical organisations may be, as designated by the Council Body, invited to send representatives as guests to attend Council Conferences, events and services.


VII. Rules


The Council Body may adopt and amend rules not inconsistent with this constitution for the conduct of the business of ICC.


The Rules will set out the application process and responsibilities of Member Churches, ordained Ministers and Bishops.


Note: In order to apply to become a member or be ordained by the ICC, please contact us via email: or calll us on +44-(0)-208-807-2228



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