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Saturday Bible College: Ministers of the future!



Course Specification


Purpose of the course:

For anyone wanting to progress within ministry, this course is an invaluable study guide which acknowledges the basics as well as the more technical aspects of Christianity.



Accredited by the Ixthus Church Council and students who are in Ministry can


•Apply for Ordination; Completion of this course will endorse the student’s application for ordination.


•To experience Ministry & community work; students will give a presentation before a Church congregation.


•Have the option to enroll on the New Testament Greek Course which is an invaluable platform for the teaching aspect of Ministry and will further enhance the credibility of a student called into this Ministry.




This 8 week comprehensive course looks at primarily the Biblical Scriptures and the relevance within today’s world of Christendom and draws out meaning and understanding in the aim of equipping the individual with the knowledge of Evangelism, Church structure, regulation and Pastoralship.



Here are some of the themes which will be covered:



•Acts of the Apostles.  

•Early Church Issues and Church Foundation.  

•Creeds, Councils, and Controversies.

•Early Heresies and their impact in the 21st Century.  




•Gospel of John. What was the significance of his message?

•The Synoptic Gospels; Matthew, Mark and Luke.  

•Meaning & significance of the miracles and signs of Jesus.  

•The Epistles of Peter.




•Moses, The Torah (The first five books of the Bible).

•The life and works of King David & his Psalms.

•The book of Isaiah,




•Christology; The nature of Jesus Christ.

•The significance of the Holy Spirit.

•Eschatology – the study of  ‘End Times’

•James and Paul’s epistles compared and contrasted; works and faith.




•Church structure according to Paul and Early Church.

•Modern Challenges & Opportunities




Two essays of up to 1000 words with optional title that corresponds with one of the lectures proceeded is required in order to complete the course.



Course Commencement: Saturday 15th October 2022


Registration is at 9.30am. There are three 60 minute sessions with intervals in between, commencing at 10am and concluding at about 2pm.


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New Testament Greek Language Course


Learn how to read, translate and understand the New Testament Greek Language in 8 Easy Steps.



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