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Vision of the Council

The Church of Jesus Christ has been given a divine mandate to go out into all the world and make disciples of all men, baptising them in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. The ICC is committed to fulfilling this great commission of our Lord and works tirelessly to reach the lost and bring them into the ark of salvation. The Church has withstood great opposition and persecution but, as with all Churches with Christ as the Head, this has only made the Church grow stronger and shine its light even more brightly. In the book of Acts, we see how the Apostles sought out men and women and ordained them to the service of God, and today God is still calling His people into ministry. Under God’s sovereign direction and leading, it is our privilege and honour to follow on in the unbroken chain of Apostolic succession and to ordain those who have desired and accepted the call of God on their lives.


Work of the Council

The ICC ordains and licences Ministers around the world, and provides training and teaching through the Leadership Conferences that the President gives. In October 2010, the President along with a team visited Uganda and Ghana for two weeks, with over 200 Ministers being ordained and licenced. Currently there are over 1000 Ministers in the Council worldwide who have been ordained and licenced by the Council to give them creditability in the communities that they serve and to the wider world enabling and making it accessible for them to Minister to the needy.


The ICC has also funded humanitarian work in Ghana, in Labolabo Village, in the Krodo Region, building a Medical Clinic in a remote rural area, and also funded the building of a dormitory for orphans in Ssanga, Maturga which now houses over 200 children.


Mission Statement

Ixthus Church Council mission is to empower God’s people to be effective in serving His purpose throughout the world by:


Establishing the believer with sound doctrine and teaching.

Directing ministers in places of need around the world.

Motivating ministers in evangelical missionary work.

Ordaining God’s people as recognised ministers.

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