ICC Bible Diploma Course

New Testament Greek Language Course

Learn how to read, translate and understand the New Testament Greek Language in 8 Easy Steps.

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ICC Membership

Join IXTHUS as a Personal Member and you will:

• Become part of an influential organization that upholds Biblical truth and strengthens Christian witness.

• Help represent a strong, clear Christian voice to the press and media so that Christians are both heard and respected.

• Support our role in government to ensure policy makers take account of our values and principles.

• Partner with a global organization that brings together Christians and Churches to promote Christian values and effective witness through united fellowship, evangelism, prayer and community programmes.

• Gain Spiritual support, guidance and mentoring.

• Have access to Bible College and other Courses ICC run.

• Attend regular dynamic seminars and conferences to receive direction and
empowerment for Gods’ service.


IXTHUS CHURCH COUNCIL upholds high standards of service and witness and always refers to the Bible as ‘The Standard Barer’. Candidates for membership of IXTHUS must also be in agreement with this. Therefore, the criteria set forth must be adhered to in order for the Council to continue a healthy and prosperous relationship with members.

1. The members must be willing to be responsible and accountable to the Council and to abide in the rules and regulations of the Council. However, the Council will not interfere in the way that the members’ Churches function.

2. Members must represent a recognised congregational Church (individuals are not included)

3. Financial commitment - Members to pay an annual subscription.

4. Regular attendance to meetings. To be united and committed with the vision of the Council, members may be asked to attend at least 2 meetings a year.

5. Ministers Churches visited in order to build relationships and for the Council to get to know the Church.

6. Churches to pass an initial assessment.

7. We reserve the right to revoke Ministers licences and Church membership or refuse applicants entry into the Council should the membership criteria not be met or upheld.

8. Christians must accept the revelation of the Triune God given in the Scriptures of the
Old and New Testaments and confess the historic faith of the Gospel therein set forth.

9. No minister or any of their associates can act or engage in any capacity in the name of
or on behalf of the Ixthus Church Council without providing prior notification and subsequently receiving written approval from the President, His Eminence,
Archbishop Dr A. C. C. Evangelou who is the governing authority of the Ixthus Church Council, setting in place all its major policies and exercising responsibility for every area of its business and activities. The President’s decisions are conclusive.

10. All Ministers are expected to uphold ecclesiastical protocol without exception.

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